The Positive Results of HCG

What is HCG?

Human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone produced after implantation (of a fertilized egg) takes place. Its function is to provide nourishment to the growing fetus in the womb. During a pregnancy test, the HCG levels of the probable mother will indicate if she is pregnant or not.

Aside from that, the hormone is also used for medical purposes, usually in treating infertility. The hormone can help the ovary to release eggs. It can also help the eggs to mature.

Furthermore, human chorionic gonadotropin is now used as a supplement for losing weight. Medical practitioners, however, claim that it is a powerful hormone that may come with different side effects.

What is Implantation?

So that you may understand how human chorionic gonadotropin hormones are being produced, here’s what happens before and during implantation.

HCGContrary to what others believe, pregnancy starts with the process called fertilization and not with implantation. Fertilization or the union of the sperm and egg occurs first but the egg remains unattached from the mother, meaning it does not develop into a fetus yet.

After fertilization, the blastocyst or embryo will undergo series of phases before it will be connected with the mother. Implantation is the process of connecting the embryo to the mother’s womb or to the side of her uterus.

Finally, a successful implantation will result to pregnancy. This is also when the production of human chorionic gonadotropin begins with the help of the placental tissue. The pregnant woman may experience cramping as an early sign that an implantation occurs.

HCG as a Pregnancy Hormone

The function of human chorionic gonadotropin as a pregnancy hormone is to instruct the corpus luteum to keep producing progesterone. Because of the pregnancy hormone and progesterone, the mother will no longer be having periods. Progesterone warms the body as well.

The pregnancy hormone also ensures that the lining of endometrial-uterine is preserved while pregnancy takes place.

The usual level of pregnancy hormone after a week following the implantation is 20mIU. In a pregnancy test, this level may only create blurry test lines which consequently make the pregnant woman doubtful of the results. In this case, she has to take the test again after one or two days to become certain.

HCG as a Diet Plan

This diet plan is considered extreme by many for it may bring forth a loss of up to a pound in only one day. Usually, this plan requires you to maintain a 500-calorie diet daily while taking the hormones. There is also a diet plan that does not require you to limit your calorie intake.

How does the diet plan work? According to the people who tried it out, the hormone prevents them from craving for food. Also, eating a little can already satisfy their hunger. This is because when the hormone enters their bloodstream, it takes away their appetite. It is the same reason why pregnant women become dizzy during the early stage of their pregnancy.

The pregnancy hormone also has the ability to make more hormones for the body and to prevent any hormone imbalance or deficiencies.

HCG Effects on the Muscles

When you try out an extreme method of losing weight, also referred as crash dieting, you may lose some of your muscles. You cannot be sure if what you lost is really excess fat.

Muscle loss is not good for your body. It also leads to a slow metabolism, which, as many may have known, is one of the main reasons for weight gain. In due course, you are just going to gain back what you have lost through a crash diet. In some cases, others become heavier than they were originally.

Additional con to muscle loss is you need to do a lot of exercise in order to rebuild your muscles. Fortunately, human chorionic gonadotropin diet will keep you from losing them.

The hormone creates a muscle-building process called anabolic state by stirring the hormone levels in your body. This anabolic state prevents any muscle-breakdown.

As a result, it will let you lose more fats than other crash diets. You may become fitter with more muscles. Did you also know that muscles allow stronger metabolism? They did that while they help you maintain your weight after the diet has been complete.

Other Functions of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

As mentioned, it is also used in treating infertility. However, note that some prescribed fertility drugs which induce ovulation and may cause a positive pregnancy result even though you really are not pregnant. The hormone present in these drugs enables what is called as “false positive” result. Clomid is one of the popular fertility drugs which do not have any hormones.

In addition, the hormone may be used to increase sperm count in men. Young boys which testicles have not dropped yet into the scrotum may also use this hormone. Their condition may be caused by pituitary gland disorders.

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