ID Lanyards for Corporate Uses: Conferences, Trade Shows and Exhibits and More

It is quite a popular trend nowadays to use ID lanyards during corporate events such as trade shows, seminars, exhibits, product launching, conferences and the likes.

ID LanyardsIf you are a seminar or conference speaker or you are teaching a certain class, you would like your identification to be made known so wearing your ID badge on a lanyard will serve that purpose. It is also good to prepare and give out lanyards to seminar, class or conference participants so that the participants can identify with each other. If the seminar is especially rare, people will most likely hold on to their lanyards as a souvenir. Most speakers take pride and joy seeing participants wearing the ID lanyards with the seminar title printed on it.

Trade shows are made more secure and more memorable by ID lanyards as well. Attendees and exhibitors at trade shows are required to wear lanyards to hold their security passes or badges so that they can be allowed entry. Not only is the lanyard used for identification and security, it can also be used as a promotional material. Exhibitors usually give away lanyards that are customized. They have the company or product logo printed on it. It also makes sales pitches easier, because since a person’s name is clearly seen, exhibitors can properly address the person they are talking to. There will be much human interaction and communication going around which is the purpose of a trade show.

People who belong to the same group or company can also easily identify those that they work with by checking out the ID lanyards even before they check the ID badge. The lanyards provide a sense of representation and belonging to the institution that attendees or presenters belong to. It is the same during concerts and other events. When you need to know who’s who, you just look at the lanyards people are wearing. Lanyards will also hold backstage passes for special and privileged individuals so they can easily be identified. Without lanyards, backstage passes may get lost.

Some of the best and most durable lanyards are made of par cord or braided leather. However, most companies use satin silk as material for lanyards because they can be quite attractive. As a promotional material, the lanyard must produce a sense of recall. The purpose of the lanyard is to get the attention of people in special events and have them recognize and remember the name of the company that is being represented. When customizing lanyards, using big prints is the best. If the details printed on a lanyard, such as logo, corporate tagline and logo are too small or too many, then it will lose its appeal. Likewise, when custom lanyards are made in dull colors or poor quality materials, the recipients will most likely just throw them away. If they are attractive enough, people will wear them anywhere which will mean extra promotion for the product or company.

To make the lanyard even more attractive, it should be more purposeful. Include metal split rings, bulldog clips, lobster clips or swivel snap hooks. You can even add a clip-on retractable holder or a business card holder at the end of the lanyard. You can also have a neck-wallet included in the ID lanyards. Specialty lanyards such as vinyl badge holders with back slots or a lanyard USB drive can also be given away. Logos, web URLs and phone numbers can be printed with typical heat transfer or even reflective stitching. There is no particular requirement for a lanyard used in corporate events. However, it is important that the designs are appealing, the lanyards are made of quality materials, and they serve the company’s objectives.