How to Spot a Good Maker of Custom Patches

Here is a part of a regular spiel that you would hear or read from a company that makes custom patches: we can make the best patches for your budget. However, only a customer can tell what he wants out of his order – he wants his patches durable, budget-friendly, and right at his doorstep when he wants it. You would have to admit that it is hard to find a company that would be willing to give you everything that you need when you call them for an estimate.

If you have had a bad experience trying to contact a custom patch maker, do not fret – the industry has grown and thanks to healthy competition, more great companies have emerged during the last decade. The only problem that you need to face is how to identify the good eggs from the bunch. Here are the factors that you need to consider when choosing who would make your custom patches:

How Long Have They Been Around

Here’s an idea about pricing – the longer the patch maker has been in business, the lower their prices for custom patches are. The logic behind it is that they have more clients than other custom patch makers in the neighborhood, and since they are a trusted name in the industry, they want to make sure that their products are competitively priced.

It also pays to read Better Business Bureau reviews and customer testimonials about a custom patch company to have an idea of the quality of their products. If people are raving about them, then they must be a good company to do business with.

How Many Options Are They Willing to Give

When you order custom patches, the company that you are calling would ask you the following questions: how many patches you need, what kind of design you require, and how fast you need them. Your answer to these questions would largely affect not only the pricing, but also the company’s commitment to the order.

Custom PatchesHere’s a fact: not all companies are willing to shoulder small orders for patches, which limits the number of custom patch makers that you can choose from. At the same time, most companies are willing to charge more for a small order. If you are merely going to buy, say, 10 pieces, better go for a company that would not take advantage of your limited option. Choose a maker that has the integrity to give a competitive price, even for a small quantity order.

How Many Freebies You Are Getting

Some great custom patch makers make you feel great customer service by not just picking up your minimum order, but also, throwing in a lot of freebies. Some of the common free stuff that you get from established custom patch makers are art labor, revisions, and threads.

When it comes to materials and labor, the quality custom patch companies only require you to pay extra when you go beyond the basic requirements that is going to be needed to make a patch. That means that you only spend a lot if you require a design that would require a good amount of stitches and if you are going to require the use of special materials, such as metallic or neon threads. Everything else would be within the standard rate that they offer.

While you are at it, also pay attention to the service that they are giving you regardless of the quantity of your order. There are companies out there that are willing to offer a free estimate and free shipping no matter how large or small your order is.