Everything You Need to Know About Digital Signage

Digital SignageDigital signage is the electronic display that you often see in public areas and inside business shops. It is like a TV screen, but instead of showing TV shows, it displays information related to the business, mostly promotional in nature. This is part of the evolution of advertising media. What used to be restricted to printed methods of promoting a product has now crossed-over to electronic display.


There are many reasons why businesses or organizations should consider using a digital signage. The major reason would be for advertisement. Instead of renting billboard space or giving out brochures to promote a business, many companies and individual businessmen have resorted to this method because of its many benefits. For one, it is more economical, especially if the business plans to stay afloat for many years. They can use the screen and the software to display any form of information or multimedia that they want and change it as often as they need. As an advertising medium, it has proven to be highly effective in attracting the attention of consumers considering that the present generation is enamored about anything that uses advanced technology.

Aside from being a means of advertising a business, a digital signage can also be used to convey information. One good example is the menu screen that patrons often see inside a restaurant. Although when you think more about it, it is still a way of advertising their line of dishes.

The good thing about digital signs is that they can be used by all industries for purposes that are relevant to their needs. Real estate agents, for instance, can opt to place a digital sign in front of a property that they are selling, which is way better than just painting a for sale sign on a piece of cardboard. With a digital display, they can include still photos of the interior of the home so anyone that passes by will immediately be provided with all the information that they need about the property.

Car repair shops, on the other hand, can place a display in their waiting lobby to entertain their customers while giving them a rundown of all the services that they offer. In hotels, digital displays can be placed in the reception area or in the hallways to direct guest to the different amenities available in the premises. The list is endless, which makes digital signage very useful for any form of industry.

How it Works

This type of signage basically has two major components: the software and the hardware. The hardware includes the screen, which is usually an LCD screen, and the media player. The media player is connected to the screen and users can opt to use just a single screen or multiple screens for a larger display. Then there is the software where you can program what will be displayed on the screen. Images can be scheduled to change every day, every week, or even every hour by simply setting it up in the software. Creating different styles, templates, and effects are also done through the software.

If you plan to use a digital signage, you simply have to find a reliable company that specializes in providing this service. The package usually comes with the software, the screens, installation, and the set up. Some even help you out in creating the most effective advertising campaign. Therefore, the company that you pick must be able to meet your specific needs. For instance, if you are not adept in using this type of technology, it would be wise to choose a provider that can assist you every time you need to change the displays on your signage. Once you have sufficiently educated yourself on this technology, you can take charge of creating the content for your signage.