Essential Deadline-Meeting Tools Every Article Writer Should Have

The deadline is important for every content writer. An article writer needs to meet the deadline set by you – the client. To ensure that the content written by the writer meets the deadline, he or she should have deadline-meeting tools. Here are the essential deadline-meeting tools you can suggest to your content writers:

1.Typing Teacher

No matter how fast of a typist a writer is, there is still a way to go faster. Typing faster is the best way for a writer to meet the deadlines. By asking the writer to download Typing Teacher, you can have him or her type content quickly and professionally. The Internet offers a free download of this app nowadays.


The stopwatch should be a good tool for content writers. It does not affecta writer’s work directly but it can help promote faster writing. If an article writer types faster, then it means he or she generates more earnings and you’re getting your required articles. You can get the writer to download a basic stopwatch, chess timer, cash clock, or split lap timer. These can be downloaded online.

3.Writer’s Unblocker

Content writers experience a writer’s block every now and then. No one is spared from this. To help get these writers unstuck, then they just need to get apps such as Writer’s Unblocker. Suggest this app to them so that they can get focused on writing once again.

4.Idea Generator

Article WritingAn idea generator software is another tool that can bust a freelancer out of the prison known as writer’s block. It can give out prompts that can inspire freelance authors through randomly generating topic ideas and story starters. With just the click of a button, the content writer you have hired can immediately get his or her creative juices flowing.

5.Word counter

A word processor might already have a word counter in it. However, that one is not enough to meet a client’s content writing needs. If your article writer has the right word counter app, he or she can easily meet your demands not only for the word count but for the keyword density as well. Overused words can also be eliminated with the word counter.

6.Cliché locator

Including old, tired phrases in the article might make it sound amateurish and corny. Such phrases are called clichés. An article writer should never use such phrases in the articles submitted to you. Have them cut down on the use of these clichés. The best way to remove the annoying catch phrases is to have these writers use a cliché locator.


This is a popular app to use when you want your freelancer to not be distracted by other things online. It can help keep track of how one spends time online, after all. With the details tracked by the software, you can make it clear that he or she should focus more on productivity. It will let the writer manage his or her time better too.

8.Writing Tips Resource

As a writer, he or she can always do with some professional pointers. There should be a number of sites you can refer them to when you want to help improve their writing. Of course, freelancers should take the initiative of getting these resources but it would help if you refer some as well. You can help them become a better freelance author.

These are definitely essential tools you can suggest your content writers if you want to ensure that they’d make the deadline. Of course, experienced freelancers should already have these tools in their computer, since they want to meet their deadline as well. With these tools, you do not have to worry about an article writer missing a deadline anymore. You can now put your worries to rest.

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